Tropic of Gemini

Tropic of Gemini involves a journalistic paradise-hunting in the Caribbean. The video installation backdrops a three hour performative walk on a downsloping treadmill performed at the Atlanta Contemporary. 

One Shot

The common themes found in Momentum Exercises are speed, direction, and stillness. In One Shot, three months of archery training and a residency led to a single shot performance. 

Big Deep

Big Deep is a series of performalist self-portraits in various locations. It is also the name of a river-bend in the Catskills about 100 miles north of Manhattan where this series began.  

Contestant #12

Mitchell underscored that her participation in the pageant in 1996 was a carefully orchestrated performance, and that revisiting the event demonstrated two aspects of a single person, the Kirstin Mitchell of 1996, and Kiki Blood’s 2011 interpretation of that moment. - Burnaway


It is better when the irony gets under way, and then the blood is fake and the artist proposes cliches precisely to expose them, such as Kiki Blood, which impersonates various types of women agitated by the eros / thanatos ratio, cutting with sharpened objects into white canvases from which blood flows, somewhere between Fontana and Nitsch.Flash Art