At Play In The Fields Of The Lords, 2017

Installation (acrylic latex paint on canvas, black neoprene rubber, inverted chrome z-rack, found weathered dock foam)

The Finishing School, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, March 1 - 29, 2017

In a departure from her performance pieces, such as last year’s Tropic of Gemini, Kirstin Mitchell offers the installation At Play in the Fields of the Lords, which situates three different focal points into a kinetically charged tableau. An acrylic coral gradient on canvas (field) hangs facing a rubber mat draped over chrome bars extended from the ceiling (play), with the edge of the mat just touching a chunk of weathered dock foam (lord). At Play in the Fields of the Lords provides a glimpse into what Mitchell refers to as a “choose-your-own-adventure" story: a mutable arrangement of objects signifying the artist at work, or rather, at play. The resulting installation is possibly the most gestural work in the show, yet the abstracted bodily presence provides a stimulating contrast with the nearby toiling physicality of (the other two artists). - Burnaway